Call for Entries: 2017 Ernest Scott Prize


14th Nov 2016


30th Dec 2016


Emily Scott founded this prize to perpetuate the memory of her husband Emeritus Professor Sir Ernest Scott Knight Bachelor. Ernest Scott was professor of History at the University was for 23 years. The prize commemorates his interest in the development of Australian historical studies.

Ernest Scott was professor of History from 1913 to 1936. Born outside wedlock, raised by his grandparents and enjoying no higher education, he worked as a journalist for twenty years. As a young Fabian and Theosophist, he married the daughter of Annie Besant and migrated to Melbourne in 1892. His books on Australian exploration history made Scott into a professional among amateurs and antiquarians. He inspired his students to do archival research and to ask critical questions of popular historical mythologies. A generation of young Australians learned about the country’s past from his notable Short History of Australia (1916).

List of winners – 1952 onwards, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012

SHORTLISTED: 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012




Specifically for published research on history of Australia/New Zealand. MUST BE ORIGINAL WORK. EDITED OR REPUBLISHED WORKS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE. Applicants are normally resident in Australia or New Zealand or the respective external territories.


Work must:

  • Be based upon original research, which is, in the opinion of the judges, the most distinguished contribution to the history of Australia or New Zealand or to the history of colonisation
  • Have been published during the calendar year prior to the first day of January of the year in which it is to be awarded
  • Be entered by publishers. Authors are advised to request their publishers to enter their books on their behalf if they wish to enter
  • Winners will be invited to attend the announcement at the Kathleen Fitzpatrick Lecture at the University of Melbourne (April-May TBC) to receive their award
  • Winners will also be invited to present the ‘Ernest Scott Lecture’ in October 2017 (date TBC) at the University of Melbourne.

Recipients are required to:

  • Accept award online within 21 days
  • Write a letter of appreciation to their donor/committee (Upon acceptance)


Shortlisted entries will be announced mid-March 2017.

The official announcement of the winner will be after the Kathleen Fitzpatrick lecture.


Please contact to request a nomination, as all entries must be submitted by publishers on behalf of authors.




The amount available for this award is approximate. It will be confirmed at the time of awarding and determined by the committee according to the terms of the award.

The judges’ decision will be final and the University reserves the right not to award the prize in the event it is considered that no work of sufficient merit has been submitted. Winning applicants please note the University of Melbourne reserves the right to publish the name of the winning applicant on its websites and other University of Melbourne publications.

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