World of the child illuminated in new ways in upcoming book by Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Cambridge Scholars Publishing is pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of The push for a child philosophy: What children really need YOU to know? (working title) by Maxine Thérèse.

What if we have misinterpreted what children really need for most of human history? In order to answer this question, and drawing on the latest scientific research, philosophy and psychology as well as clinical experience, this book presents the Foundational Needs Model, which accounts for the complex interplay of the emotional, mental, psychological, spiritual and physical dimensions of children’s lives.

As this model weaves together philosophy psychology, chakra theory, family systems theory, neuroscience, and epigenetics, the book illuminates the world of the child in a completely new light, and allows a deeper understanding for adults of themselves. As such, it represents not only a tool to better reach teaching and parenting potential, but will also serve to improve adult emotional intelligence.

The push for a child philosophy: What children really need YOU to know? is due for publication in late 2016/early 2017. The preliminary list of chapters can be seen below.

Chapter 1:      Seeking New Interpretations

Chapter 2:      The Child as a Soul

Chapter 3:      Mapping the Soul

Chapter 4:      Childosophy

Chapter 5:      The Foundational Needs Model

Chapter 6:      Being In The Question

Chapter 7:      Conclusion

About the Author

Dr Maxine Thérèse is the founder of Childosophy, a complete philosophy of children’s needs and wellbeing for parents, teachers and practitioners working with children. Her professional, academic and personal life has been guided by a push to find better ways to assist the development of children. She also speaks at various events, conducts practitioner trainings in Childosophy, and consults with children and adults in her Geelong-based practice.

For further information on this title, please contact Cambridge Scholars Publishing at To find out more about the author and her upcoming events please visit or

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