Call for Papers: Journal of Ethics, Economics, Finance and Society (JEEFS)

journal-of-ethics-economics-finance-and-society-jeefsThe Journal of Ethics, Economics, Finance and Society (JEEFS) is a refereed bi-annual journal devoted to promoting excellence in scholarly research and publication in the epistemological, foundational, analytical, empirical, and applied areas of ethics, economics and finance. Within this broad interdisciplinary area, the JEEFS will also specialize in the sub-area of economic theory, ethico-economics, heterodox economics, social economics, philosophy and economics, religion and economics, Islamic economics, Islamic banking and finance, and related fields in global perspectives.

The JEEFS invites rigorous inquiry. The tenor of the JEEFS is analytical descriptive, critical comparative, mathematical, statistical, systems oriented and rigorously applied. Many of the issues disseminated by the JEEFS will be on Special Topics for establishing the substantive foundation and application of its domain of intellectual inquiry in the diverse areas in comparative perspective. The field of the JEEFS is thus widely scholarly and unique, where few other journals carry on the interdisciplinary areas of the social sciences in global coverage. Selected articles published in the JEEFS will be compiled as readings for postgraduate students and teaching faculty in the wide and interdisciplinary related issues of its domain of study.

Call for Papers

Cambridge Scholars Publishing is currently actively commissioning scholarly papers for the JEEFS. Please use Harvard writing style, and submit with your email address and address on a separate cover page. Include an abstract of no more than 100 words with your paper. Submitted papers undergo initial screening by the editor, and are reviewed externally and by the Editor-in-Chief. Paper submissions are made online.

To enable our commissioning editors to organize accepted papers for publication, please prepare it in line with the Cambridge Scholars proposal submission form (below) and submit it to

Journal Editor

Professor Masudul Alam Choudhury is Professor and International Chair of the Postgraduate Program in Islamic Economics and Finance, Faculty of Economics, Trisakti University, Indonesia. He is also Visiting Professor in the Department of Shari’ah and Economics, Academy of Islamic Studies, University of Malaya. He was recently the Professorial Chair of Islamic Finance in the Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance in the International Islamic University Malaysia. He brings with him many years of original work in the focused area of ethics and economics in its epistemological and mathematical treatment. Professor Choudhury has published books and journal articles widely in this specialized area. He earned his Ph.D. in Political Economy (of Human Capital Theory) from the University of Toronto. His current research interests include Islamic monotheistic ontological law and its application in the unity of the socio-scientific world system.

Editorial Advisory Board

Professor Abdullah Saeed (Islamic Studies, University of Melbourne)
Professor Frederick Trainer (Social Work, University of New South Wales)
Professor Gregory Macleod (Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Order of Canada, Cape Breton University, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada)
Professor Ishaq Bhatti (Islamic Finance, LaTrobe University)
Professor Mohammad Shahadat Hossain (Computer Science, Chittagong University)
Professor Necati Aydin (Economics, King Saud University)
Professor Robert D. Crane (Islamic Studies, Qatar University)
Professor Roland Pietsch (Religious Studies, Ludwig-Maximillians University, Munich)
Professor Ross Haniffa (Economics, Accounting and Finance, Heriot-Watt University)
Professor S. Ghazzanfar (Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho, USA)

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