Announcing the Jamaica: Land of Film tour

Exclusive film tour to premiere in Montego Bay with local company

Hop on for a one-of-a-kind sightseeing tour of film locations in Jamaica

Commercial Services Ltd has appointed Caribic Vacations of Montego Bay, Jamaica to be the exclusive provider of the Jamaica Land of Film bus tour. The tour will provide visitors with a premier sightseeing tour experience in Jamaica, along with a copyrighted guide to the history of film production in Jamaica and its locations.


The tour has been developed from extensive research by author Peter Polack whose book, Jamaica: Land of Film, will be published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in 2017. The tour and book will chronicle new and previously unavailable information on over a hundred years of film production in Jamaica. The tour will showcase movie locations throughout Jamaica highlighting some iconic films with interesting behind the scene stories.

Vanessa Polack of Commercial Services stated that the tour was: “Directed at cruise ship passengers and overnight visitors seeking an alternative experience in Jamaica outside the adventure and nature attractions prevalent on the North coast. Jamaica: Land of Film will be an enduring tribute to a long history of successful film production of many famous movies in Jamaica such as Papillon, James Bond films and nearly seventy other international films.” There are also plans to establish a multimedia operation locally and internationally as well as a documentary to be submitted to film festivals.

CEO Roy Page of Caribic remarked: “This is a milestone for Caribic and Jamaica. A new and compelling historical and cultural tour that will draw visitors not only on the island but the large number of film fans interested in past and present movies with a connection to the ultimate film production destination, Jamaica.”

For more information on Jamaica Land of film visit the following links:

Media Contact:
Vanessa Polack

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