Meet our Authors: Dileep Edara – February 2017

Dr Dileep Edara currently teaches at Dravidian University, Andhra Pradesh, India, as an Assistant Professor of English. The areas of his teaching and research interests include literary theory in general and Marxist literary theories in particular. After receiving a diploma in mechanical engineering with distinction, he began to feel that the subject was too mechanical for him, and switched over to the humanities. Later on, he received a BA in philosophy, economics, and politics, and then an MA in English literature from Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, India.

Having cleared the UGC NET in 2003, he obtained his PhD in 2012, from the Department of English, Hyderabad Central University, Andhra Pradesh, India, for his research on the concepts of base and superstructure in the Marxist theory. In the Department of English, his thesis was awarded the Meenkshi Mukherjee Prize, for the year 2012-13. So far, he has published two books, six articles, and presented more than thirty papers in various national and international seminars.

Under Cambridge Scholars Publishing, he has authored Biography of a Blunder: Base and Superstructure in Marx and Later, which is based on his PhD thesis and proposes a radical departure from the predominant understanding of Marx’s base and superstructure thesis.

Dileep describes the experience of publishing with Cambridge Scholars:

dileep-1“From the initial submission of my proposal to the final publication of the book, I found the people at Cambridge Scholars Publishing supportive and consistently encouraging. It is a pleasure to work with them and I would love to submit my next publication proposal to them. They have given me the opportunity to edit my own text, and they have been flexible when giving me the time to do so. They took my concerns into account in each aspect of the publication process and brought out the book in an elegant manner. I thank all the people at Cambridge Scholars Publishing for this memorable experience.”

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