Library of Social Science Book Exhibits

Cambridge Scholars are very pleased to be partnering with the Library of Social Science once again in 2017, following a successful and fruitful collaboration over the past few years. We have promoted many of our titles through the Library of Social Science at numerous exhibitions and conferences on a wide variety of subjects. For more information and to request our marketing team include your book at a relevant future exhibit, please contact

What is a Library of Social Science Book Exhibit?

Our exhibits are not simply “displays.” For each conference, we bring together a comprehensive collection of recent and significant titles on the meeting’s topics and themes—from the most prominent publishers in the world. Our exhibits contribute substantially to the success and intellectual value of the meeting—becoming a gathering place where attendees meet and mingle.

Our conferences book exhibits are a sight to behold. Conference attendees are not only impressed, but often stunned by the quality and scope of our displays. Our exhibits create excitement among conference-goers, showcasing the breadth and depth of research in their given field.

What does a Library of Social Science Book Exhibit Look Like?

Perhaps the experience of a Library of Social Science Book Exhibit is best captured in photographs. When one of our onsite book exhibit managers returns from an exhibit with photos, the LSS staff is astonished. Did we create all that? The emails we’ve written and calls we’ve made to publishers has resulted in an astonishing collection of titles from the most significant scholarly and professional publishers.

To provide a feeling for LSS Book Exhibits, our Creative Director, Orion Anderson, has selected a potpourri of scenes from recent conferences. One cannot help be impressed—not only with the size of our exhibits and scope of titles that we present—but with the beauty of our displays, which enhance and enrich the conference experience.


Annual Human Behavior and Evolution Society Conference


Annual Meeting of the Philosophy of Education Society


Annual Conference of the Community Development Society


Meeting of the Midwest Sociological Society


Annual Meeting of the Pacific Sociological Association

Gather Round the Books: Experience a Library of Social Science Book Exhibit

Library of Social Science has perfected a paradigm creating, organizing, and managing book exhibits at scholarly and professional conferences—broadening the market for books and journals through comprehensive displays of outstanding titles focused on a conference theme.

At some conferences, exhibits are an afterthought. Library of Social Science book exhibits are located at the heart of the action, becoming a central dimension of the meeting experience—a gathering place for attendees.

Invariably impressed by the breadth and depth of our collection on their topic, conferees come back to browse again and again, frequently discovering titles of which they had been unaware. “This book is perfect for a course I’m teaching.” Our onsite exhibit managers overhear conversations among colleagues: “You’d better read this book. It’s really important for your research.”

Publishers from around the world depend upon our warm, welcoming book exhibits to present their new and significant titles to their target market.


Biennial Conference of the Society for the History of Children and Youth


Annual Human Behavior and Evolution Society Conference

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