Call for Proposals: Multicultural and Intercultural Education Series

Cambridge Scholars welcomes proposals for new titles in our Multicultural and Intercultural Education Series, edited by Nektaria Palaiologou, Associate Professor in Intercultural Education at the University of Western Macedonia.

Multicultural and Intercultural Education Series_NEWThis series offers insightful analysis of various concepts, approaches and practices associated with the inter-thematic field of multicultural and intercultural education, bringing together contributions from various educational disciplines. The books published under this series highlight why multicultural and intercultural education is currently the most important educational perspective, what this term means in theory and practice, its contents and methodology, and how it can be adapted to meet the needs of a globalised world and the local needs of plural societies.

The main axes of the series are: terminology and conceptual issues; critical analysis and implementation of multicultural and intercultural education; inter-thematic approaches from various disciplines to multicultural and intercultural education; the issues concerned with immigrant students, Roma students and indigenous minority; language policy and TESOL; curriculum and classroom organisation; methodologies and strategies for multicultural and intercultural education within school settings and organisations; Teachers’ education and training in multicultural and intercultural education; diversity and pluralism in a multicultural democratic framework; human rights and anti-racist education approaches for social and political action; and dilemmas and challenges in education and social policy practices. This series provides educational professionals and students with knowledge and information that will assist them in understanding and approaching multicultural and intercultural education.

We particularly welcome proposals that present an in-depth understanding of the intercultural and multicultural education fields. For further information and guidelines, please contact Author Liaison Theo Moxham at and series editor Nektaria Palaiologou at

To find out more about the series and the titles already published as part of Multicultural and Intercultural Education, please click here.

Proposal submission

We recognise that research may be at varying stages of completion by academics considering publication, which is why we keep our proposal requirements as simple and flexible as possible. We have a short proposal form (for a PDF, click here) we ask authors to complete, covering the following areas:

  • Proposal overview: This should detail the goals of your research, where the material fits with the current literature in your field, the range of topics to be covered and any additional information you believe is relevant to the case for publication. The overview should introduce your work, those involved in its development and the wider academic context in which it sits.
  • Sample chapter: We do not require a full manuscript at proposal stage but a minimum of one sample chapter is essential to provide evidence of the academic quality of your writing. This enables our Editorial Panel to make an informed evaluation of the proposed work. The sample chapter should be taken from the main body of your work rather than an introduction or conclusion.
  • Academic Profile: Your profile needs to present your academic credentials. It should include details of your specialist qualifications, outline your current position and the institution to which you are affiliated and provide a list of all previous publications, including articles in academic journals.


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