Book Announcement: The Nomiotic-Wave Theory of Mind and Inherent Logic

The Nomiotic-Wave Theory of Mind and Inherent Logic now available from Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Hardback, pp495, £74.99 / $127.95

Cambridge Scholars Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of The Nomiotic-Wave Theory of Mind and Inherent Logic by Mariano L. Bianca.

This book formulates a nomiotic-wave theory of the mind grounded in six fundamental aspects: 1) the mind is different from the brain as a whole because its processes directly involve the neocortex; 2) the mind generates significant processes and configurations; 3) the mind possesses an architecture and works with operational modalities; 4) the mental processes work with the transmission of informational waves; 5) the mind consists of several minds or mental units that operate independently or in synergy with each other in a parallel and syntotic way; and 6) the mind possesses a logic that is called inherent logic.

Chapter One introduces the concept of monist dualism, while Chapter Two explores the differences between brain processes and configurations and mind processes and configurations. Chapter Three presents the nomiotic theory of the mind, the fundamental characteristic of which is the generation and processing of significances (nomiosis). Chapters Four and Five take into consideration the architecture of the mind and the formation of mental structures that are called nomiotic or bearers of significances (nosemes, menemes, propagemes and noograms), and introduce inherent logic. Chapters Six to Nine analyse various topics that complete the nomiotic-wave theory of the mind, including awareness, mind-body relations, history of the mind, other minds, and the relations between the mind and the world.

To read a full summary of the book and to read a 30-page sample extract, which includes the table of contents, please visit the following link:

The Nomiotic-Wave Theory of Mind and Inherent Logic can be purchased directly from Cambridge Scholars, through Amazon and other online retailers, or through our global network of distributors. Our partners include Bertram, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, YBP, Inspirees and MHM Limited. An e-book version will be available for purchase through the Google Play store in due course.

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About the Author

Mariano L. Bianca is Professor of Theoretical Philosophy at the University of Siena, Italy, having received a PhD in Philosophy and Mathematical Logic from the University of Genoa, Italy, and an MS in Computer Sciences from the University of Michigan, USA. He is interested in philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, ethics, metaphysics and ontology, and is the co-editor of the philosophical journals Anthropology and Philosophy and Arkete. His publications include Fondamenti di etica e bioetica (2000), Rappresentazioni mentali e conoscenza (2005), La mente immaginale (2009), Etica, eugenica e futuro della specie umana (2011), La propria mente e il sé (2014), and Epistemology of Ordinary Knowledge (co-editor) (2015).

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