Book Announcement: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (Paperback)

Cambridge Scholars Publishing is pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of the paperback edition of An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology by C. Nadia Seremetakis.

About the Book

This book engages young scholars, teachers and students in a critical dialogue with past and present directions in cultural-historical studies. More particularly, it prepares prospective anthropologists, as well as readers interested in human cultures for understanding basic theoretical and methodological ethnographic principles and pursuing further what has been known as cultural anthropological perspectives.

“This invaluable textbook introduces cultural anthropology while also setting this American approach within a global context where there are competing national traditions of anthropology. Still more importantly, American-trained, yet intimately familiar with Europe, professor and fieldworker Seremetakis is both an insider and an outsider to Cultural Anthropology proper, and this makes her presentation unusual and most insightful.”

Charles Stewart, Professor of Anthropology, University College London, UK

The book discusses key, field-based studies in the discipline and places them in dialogue with related studies in social history, linguistics, philosophy, literature, and photography, among others.

“This book is a stunningly original and important introduction to contemporary cultural anthropology. Written in clear and compelling prose, this work places anthropology squarely within its powerful historical context. Seremetakis demonstrates powerfully how prominent anthropologists from Franz Boas to Michael Taussig have variously told the tale of social and cultural differences that have made a difference in our comprehension of the human condition. In these troubled times, Seremetakis has produced a work that shows students how anthropologists produce works that mark a path toward a better life, a path toward wisdom.”

Paul Stoller, Professor of Anthropology, West Chester University, USA; 2013 Anders Retzius Gold Medal Laureate in Anthropology

The paperback edition of An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology is due for publication in autumn 2017. The list of chapters can be seen below.



Part I: Exploring Cultures

Chapter 1: Redefining Culture and Civilization: The Birth of Anthropology

Part II: Writing the Other

Chapter 2: Science/Literature

Chapter 3: On the “Native’s” Interpretation

Chapter 4: Representation Refined

Chapter 5: Natural, Naturalism, and Common Sense

Part III: Reading the Other or On Visual Communication

Chapter 6: Reading and Violence

Chapter 7: The Eye Eats

Chapter 8: Interlude: On Binary Oppositions in Anthropology

Chapter 9: (Re)Contextualizing the Visual

Part IV: Institution versus Meaning

Chapter 10: Kinship Bonds: The African/Melanesian Debate in Modern Society

Part V: Economy and Exchange

Chapter 11: Economics and Economic Activity

Part VI: Signs, Communication, and Performance

Chapter 12: Language and Culture

Chapter 13: Language and Disorder: On Aphasia

Chapter 14: Verbal Art as Performance

Part VII: Cognitive Systems: Space and Time

Chapter 15: Space

Chapter 16: Time and Its Transformations

Part VIII: Symbolic Systems

Chapter 17: Culture and Communication

Chapter 18: Symbol, Ritual, and (De)Ritualization

Part IX: Ritual Passage

Chapter 19: Initiation Rites

Chapter 20: The Ritualization of Death

Intersection: The Anthropological Definition of Pollution

Part X: Gender and the Cultural Construction of Difference

Chapter 21: Binary Polarity in Historical Perspective

Chapter 22: Performance Spaces and Bodily Practices: The Binary Codes Inverted

Chapter 23: Carnival

Part XI: Emotions and the Senses

Chapter 24: Emotions in Anthropological Perspective

Chapter 25: On the Senses in Anthropology

About the Author

Professor C. Nadia Seremetakis, is a cultural anthropologist widely read and cited in cultural studies and the humanities. She is the author of the critically acclaimed books The Last Word and The Senses Still, and of several books in Greek, including poetry. She has conducted long-term ethnographic fieldwork in urban-rural Greece and comparative research in various parts of the world, including Albania, Ireland, Tunisia, USA, Mexico, and Austria, among others. She recently joined the University of the Peloponnese, Greece, where she teaches anthropology and cultural management, and is the founding head of the public anthropology program on Everyday Life and Culture (

For further information on this title, please contact Cambridge Scholars Publishing at

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