Book Announcement: Birthing the Computer: From Drums to Cores

Birthing the Computer: From Drums to Cores now available from Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Hardback, pp369, £68.99 / $117.95

Cambridge Scholars Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of Birthing the Computer: From Drums to Cores by Stephen H. Kaisler.

Birthing the Computer: From Drums to Cores examines the evolution of computer systems architecture based on two evolutionary developments: memory technology – magnetic drums to magnetic cores – and CPU technology – transistors. This evolution, exemplified by a number of academic and commercial computing machines, yielded significant performance improvements and more storage leading to more effective utilization. These features would drive the development of programming languages and system software that would enhance the usability of the machines to solve more complex problems in both business, government, and scientific domains. The machines described in this volume represent the leading edge of the transition to second generation computer systems. They introduce a number of key technology concepts in computer architecture and system software that are found in every computer system today, albeit in a more modern form.

To read a full summary of the book and to read a 30-page sample extract, which includes the table of contents, please visit the following link:

Birthing the Computer: From Drums to Cores can be purchased directly from Cambridge Scholars, through Amazon and other online retailers, or through our global network of distributors. Our partners include Bertram, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, YBP, Inspirees and MHM Limited. An e-book version will be available for purchase through the Google Play store in due course.

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About the Author

Stephen H. Kaisler has been a research scientist with a number of small businesses working in the US Defense community. He has worked as a Program Manager at DARPA and as Director of Systems Architecture and Technical Advisor to the Sergeant-at-Arms for the US Senate. Dr Kaisler has taught as a member of the part-time faculty at George Washington University’s Department of Computer Science for 38 years and in the MS in Information Science Technology (MSIST) program in the GWU Business School. He is the author of over 40 technical papers and six books on operating systems, database management systems, Interlisp, big data, software paradigms, and historical computing machines. He received a BS in Physics and an MS in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, College Park, USA, and a DSc in Computer Science from George Washington University, USA. Dr Kaisler is a member of the IEEE, ACM, AAAI, AIS, and the American Physical Society (APS).

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