Editorial Advisory Board’s ‘Recommended Read’ – August 2017

This August, our Editorial Advisory Board member Professor Jon Nixon has chosen his ‘Recommended Read’: one of our best-selling titles, noteworthy for the contribution it makes to its field. Jon has authored more than a hundred chapters and peer-reviewed articles over the last thirty years, and is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Lifelong Learning Research and Development at the Education University of Hong Kong.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing is offering all of our readers a 50% discount on Jon’s pick. To redeem your discount, please enter the promotional code EABAUG17 during checkout. Please note that this is a time-limited offer that will expire on 31st August 2017.

Professor Jon Nixon’s ‘Recommended Read’:

Learning Across Borders: Perspectives on International and Transnational Higher Education

Editors: Leslie Seawright and Amy Hodges.

This edited collection contributes to a growing body of research in international and transnational education by looking back and looking forward at globalisation’s impact on higher education.

“All institutions of higher education are faced with the challenge of thinking through the implication of increasing global interconnectivity. Leslie Seawright and Amy Hodges have provided a much needed resource to help them set about this task. Learning Across Borders brings together scholars from across continents with expertise in a wide range of subject areas and a shared interest in international and transnational higher education. The opening chapters provide some much needed theoretical insights that identify key issues while grounding them in particular curriculum, institutional and regional contexts. The four central chapters of the book focus specifically on pedagogic practice in what Seawright and Hodges term ‘transnational and international spaces’: spaces of transdisciplinary learning in which cultural differences are seen as an invaluable pedagogic resource. In the final chapters the contributors discuss ‘voice’, identity and learning as vital elements within the student experience. Together the chapters add up to a comprehensive and highly informative survey of the field that will be of interest to all those involved in higher education regardless of subject specialism or institutional role.”

For further information on Professor Nixon, please click here.

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