Meet our Authors: Bootheina Majoul – October 2017

Bootheina Majoul is currently an Assistant Professor of English Studies at the Higher Institute of Applied Languages of Béja at the University of Jandouba, Tunisia. She holds an MA in Cross Cultural Poetics from the University of Carthage. and received her PhD in English Literature from Manouba University, Tunisia.

Bootheina has 17 years of teaching experience at six Tunisian institutions, and has taught EFL to young learners, general English, English for sciences, English for engineering, business English, English for maths, communication and presentation skills, British civilisation, translation, the history of British literature, British and American novels, literary theories and criticisms, film studies, and drama workshops.

She is the author of Doris Lessing: Poetics of Being and Time (2016), The Genetic and Generic Affiliations of Rushdie’s Satire in Midnight’s Children (2017), and On Trauma and Traumatic Memory (2017), as well as several academic articles and five collections of poems.

Bootheina serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Humanities and Cultural Studies, and is a member of various bodies including the Doris Lessing Society (Ontario, Canada), the Tunisian Association of E-Learning (Tunisian Virtual University), and the research unit “Language and Cultural Forms” (University of Carthage).

Bootheina describes the experience of publishing with Cambridge Scholars:

“When I wrote my first book, Doris Lessing: Poetics of Being and Time, I only considered submitting it to Cambridge Scholars, because they are a prestigious and quite selective publishing house. The staff are amazing; they accompanied me at every step, and their patience, collaboration and guidance were assets throughout the publishing process. I have since also published an edited volume, On Trauma and Traumatic Memory, with them, and I intend to continue publishing with Cambridge Scholars in the future (I have recently submitted a new proposal). I highly recommend Cambridge Scholars to every scholar who is looking for international recognition. I was so proud when friends from the USA, UK, Canada and elsewhere across the world sent me messages to say that they had come across my book at their respective universities. I congratulate Cambridge Scholars’ professional staff and thank them for all their attentiveness and patience with me all along the publishing process.

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