Meet our Authors: Erwin J. Warkentin – November 2017

Erwin J. Warkentin received his PhD from the University of Alberta in German Language and Literature in 1995, having written his dissertation on the author of Draußen vor der Tür (The Man Outside), Wolfgang Borchert.

It was while conducting research in the Borchert Archives at the University of Hamburg in 1992 that he came across some books in Borchert’s personal library that indicated they were published under license of the Office of Military Government, United States (OMGUS) and the Information Control Division (ICD). This in turn, gave rise to his interest in information control in post-war Germany.

Erwin has since published extensively on post-war German literature and culture, and his book Unpublishable Works: Wolfgang Borchert’s Literary Production in Nazi Germany was the first English language biography of Borchert, which has helped to spark a renewal of interest in this important author and playwright.

Since arriving at the Memorial University of Newfoundland, where he is currently an Associate Professor of German and an Associate Professor of Communications, he has broadened his scholarly interests to include propaganda and persuasion

Under Cambridge Scholars, Erwin has authored The History of U.S. Information Control in Post-War Germany: The Past Imperfect, which is not only the first historical overview of the activities of the ICD and the methods they employed, but also offers a unique perspective on how the US occupation utilised academics to vet potential candidates for media licenses in Germany. Here he describes the experience of publishing with Cambridge Scholars:

“I chose to publish with Cambridge Scholars Publishing because I had heard from colleagues that the process was thoroughly professional and that the people I would work with would take care to provide the best end product possible. I was not disappointed with their efficiency and everyone I dealt with made the experience as pleasant as possible. The results of the publication of my book, The History of U.S. Information Control in Post-War Germany: The Past Imperfect, have surprised me to some extent. While I expected others to comment on my work, I did not expect the volume of responses and opportunities that I now have to work collaboratively with others from many different disciplines as varied as music, journalism and psychology (to mention just a few), and from a number of different countries. To me, it demonstrated the breadth of reach that Cambridge Scholars Publishing has in academia around the world.

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