Book of the Month – December 2017

Our December Book of the Month is A World Beyond Global Disorder: The Courage to Hope, edited by Fred Dallmayr and Edward Demenchonok.

A world which, like ours, has been ravaged by some sixty wars in recent decades, can rightly be described as the scene of global disorder. Even today, the same world is traumatized by hot and cold wars, proxy wars, and repeated outbursts of blood-filled mayhem, not to mention the threat of a nuclear holocaust unleashed by big power rivalries. These are not mere statistics, but wounds in the body of humanity, calling for healing and reconciliation. In biblical terms, human beings are not meant to be the owners or the destroyers of the world, but rather its custodians or caretakers.

This collection is a summons to responsible care-taking, and it approaches the subject from an intercultural perspective in a variety of fields, including religion and politics. The topics covered range from accounts of major global calamities today to explorations of possible political, economic and societal reforms, and to the invocation of basic religious and philosophical resources needed for the recovery of a world beyond global disorder.

To find out more, please click here to read a sample extract and contents page.

We are offering all of our readers a generous 60% discount on this best-selling title. To redeem your discount, please enter the promotional code BOMDEC17 during checkout. Please note that this is a time-limited offer that will expire on 2nd January 2018.

Please see below for highlights of the praise this book has been receiving:

“I am glad to learn about the book. The topic could hardly be more timely and important.”

—Noam Chomsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

“This is an outstanding collection of original essays by distinguished scholars from the East, Middle East, and West. While it moves increasingly towards its theme of hope despite the global disorder of the present, it is anything but saccharine in its approach: It views the disorder, much of it born of serious past malfeasances by state actors, as very real, and it insists, from its title onwards, that transformative hope requires considerable courage under the circumstances.”

—William L. McBride, Immediate Past President, International Federation of Philosophical Societies (FISP)

“The volume analyzes the present system of hegemonic globalization with deep insight and offers much-needed hope for resisting and possibly transforming it. As such, it issues an urgent call both for sober attention and transformative praxis.”

—Joseph Prabhu, Professor of Philosophy and Religion, California State University-Los Angeles, USA

“The superb contributions to this volume illuminate our current global disorder comprehensively and trenchantly, from the spiritual to the material and beyond. They are imperative reading for anyone seeking a truly global understanding of today’s global crises and the utter futility of unipolar solutions based on monological reasoning.”

—David B. Ingram, Professor of Philosophy, Loyola University Chicago, USA

“The editors have assembled a collection of top international scholars who analyze why we live in a world of so much violence, domination, and disorder. They propose ways to overcome that disorder and to nurture a sustainable world of greater justice and peace.”

—Douglas Allen, Professor of Philosophy, University of Maine, USA


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