Meet our Authors: Elizabeth McNamer – February 2018

Dr Elizabeth McNamer is Assistant Professor and holder of the Zarek Chair of Religious Thought at Rocky Mountain College, USA. She serves on the Board of the Bethsaida Excavation Project, and has authored the book The First Century of Christianity in Jerusalem as well as several articles on archaeology and scripture.

She has lectured all over the world, including in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, the UK, New Zealand, and across mainland Europe. She is the co-author of ‘Scripture from Scratch’ videos, a basic Bible study program, and was the editor of the pamphlet Scripture from Scratch (published by Saint Anthony Messenger Press) for 12 years.

Elizabeth has been featured on the History Channel and Public Television in several documentaries, including ‘The Lost Years of Jesus: In Search of Christmas’; ‘Search for the Historical Jesus’; ‘The Fifth Gospel’; and ‘The Land and Sea of Galilee’. She has also received numerous awards for community service and is a life time runner, and has run the Boston marathon.

Under Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Elizabeth has authored The Case for Bethsaida after Twenty Years of Digging: Understanding the Historical Jesus, and according to EDGE Media Network’s reviewer not only “covers all the archaeological evidence in her book, but also paints a vivid picture of Bethsaida”.

Elizabeth explains the background to her research and why she chose to publish the results of her work with Cambridge Scholars Publishing:

“For over 20 years I have participated in the Bethsaida archaeological excavations in Israel. My main interest is the historical Jesus. Much of the ministry of Jesus was carried out in this town, which was destroyed by an earthquake in the early part of the second century and never rebuilt. It was lost for 2000 years. Everything that is found here goes back to the time of Jesus, which cannot be said of any other place associated with him. I presented papers at many international conferences, where interest in Bethsaida grew, and I compiled these papers into a book: The Case for Bethsaida after Twenty Years of Digging: Understanding the Historical Jesus. Cambridge Scholars showed great interest in my project. They were courteous, attentive, responsive, and quick to answer any concerns. I was very pleased with the way they managed my project from start to finish.

As part of the Meet our Authors campaign, we are offering our readers a 50% discount on both the hardback and paperback editions of The Case for Bethsaida after Twenty Years of Digging: Understanding the Historical Jesus. To redeem your discount, please enter the promotional code MOAFEB18 during checkout. Please note that this is a time-limited offer that will expire on 15th March 2018.


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