CSP author Shahnaz Shoro provides guest lecture at WEN February meeting

Cambridge Scholars author Dr Shahnaz Shoro was honoured to provide the guest lecture at the last monthly meeting of the Writers and Editors Network (WEN), an organization dedicated to encouraging and promoting the art and skill of writing and editing. It aims to foster literacy and to assist, empower and provide moral support to writers and editors from all disciplines.

WEN’s monthly meetings offer an ideal environment to refine attendees’ knowledge of the writing and editing business through their guest speakers, and also to network with peers from the community who have similar interests. The last meeting, held on Saturday 17th February, saw Shahnaz provide her guest lecture on ‘The Major Reasons for Honour Killing’, which was well-received by the attending authors, writers, thinkers and poets.


The recipient of a Charles Wales Scholarship in 2013, Dr Shahnaz Shoro is an Assistant Professor, a well-known Urdu short-story writer and a translator. Her two collections of short stories and three books have been translated from Sindhi to Urdu. She received an MA in English Language Teaching from the University of Nottingham, UK, and completed her doctoral studies at the University of York, UK, where her research formed the basis of what became her first book, Honour Killing in the Second Decade of the 21st Century.

The findings gathered in Shahnaz’s book show that honour killing is not only family or community violence or a tradition to preserve honour, but that behind these killings ulterior purposes are being served and therefore the number of the killings is increasing every year in Pakistan. The book will allow the reader to understand precisely the menace of honour killing and to consider how it can be addressed to save innocent lives and to stop these severe violations of human rights.


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