Call for Papers: Literacy, empathy and social sustainability collection, 30th April 2018

Call For Papers: Literacy, empathy and social sustainability collection

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

What role can reading fiction play in social literacy? This collection is a health, social sustainability and reading. Within nursing education and schools the reading of fiction is part of the curriculum but voices can be heard asking if it is really that necessary and how it is useful. Librarians deal with literature every day. A perspective that these professions three share is that fiction can be a bridge in helping practitioners understand different perspectives, experiences and cultures.

If social literacy is defined as an individual’s ability to successfully and deliberately mediate their world as not only individuals and family members, but also in their chosen profession, what role can reading literature play? Must the response engendered by narrative be positive? What is the role of discussions about literature and what discussions strategies are most useful for promoting not only personal enrichment and understanding of the other, but an understanding of the complexities of the empathic response?


Send a full paper or longer abstract (500 words or more) and a short bio to:

Deadline: April 30, 2018

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