Call for Papers: New Generation Counter Electrode Materials for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

You are invited to submit a book chapter for the upcoming book “New Generation Counter Electrode Materials for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells”, which will be published in Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

The tentative list of chapter topics for the book is as follows:

  1. Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells: History, Configuration, Components, Working Principles
  2. Function of Counter Electrode in Charge Transfer Dynamics: Challenges and Alternative Strategies
  3. Metal (Alloy/core-shell) as Counter electrode
  4. Metal oxides as Counter electrode
  5. Transition Metal Carbide as Counter Electrode
  6. Transition Metal Nitride as Counter Electrode
  7. Transition Metal Sulphide as Counter Electrode
  8. Chalcogenides as Counter Electrode
  9. Polymer and its composite as Counter Electrode
  10. Graphene and its composite as Counter Electrode
  11. Carbon Nanotube and its composite as Counter Electrode
  12. Carbon Nanofiber and its composite as Counter Electrode
  13. Mesoporous Carbon/Activated Carbon and its composite as Counter Electrode
  14. Quantum Dots as Counter Electrode

The book covers recent advancements in the materials for counter electrode applications in dye-sensitized solar cells. The proposed book will be composed with the expending field of solar energy conversion, a wide span of technological breakthrough, opportunities, possibilities and compile challenges. The adopted subject enables a huge impact on solving near future energy demands.

There is no page charge for the publication of the book chapter; however, the acceptance is purely based on the merit/quality of the manuscript. If you are interested to participate in our publishing endeavour, please submit a one page abstract of your chapter with the title, author’s name and affiliation along with the contributing authors’ biodata on or before 25th March 2018 to

The deadline for the submission of complete book chapter is 5th July 2018.

The length of the book chapter should be 25-35 pages, with a maximum of 8-12 figures, tables and illustrations all together, if any. All book chapters will be published after peer-review.

You are also requested to suggest the name of some other suitable and interested person’s names to join the book, or forward this call for papers to them. If you have any queries about this special issue or about the publishers, please do not hesitate to contact the editor.

Contact details

Contact: Dr. Alagarsamy Pandikumar.

Address: Scientist, CSIR-Central Electrochemical Research Institute, Karaikudi-630003, Tamil Nadu, India.

Mobile: +91-9994228483.


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