Roberto Cantú working on new book on Alfonso Reyes (1889-1959)

Roberto Cantú is the editor of five books with Cambridge Scholars Publishing, An Insatiable Dialectic: Essays on Critique, Modernity, and Humanism (2013), The Willow and the Spiral: Essays on Octavio Paz and the Poetic Imagination (2014), The Reptant Eagle: Essays on Carlos Fuentes and the Art of the Novel (2015), Equestrian Rebels: Critical Perspectives on Mariano Azuela and the Novel of the Mexican Revolution (2016), and most recently Border Folk Balladeers: Critical Studies on Américo Paredes (2018).

Roberto’s work is almost entirely responsible for providing English speaking audiences with critical analyses of some of the most prominent novelists in Mexico and Latin America, among them Carlos Fuentes (1928-2012), Octavio Paz (1914-1998), and Mariano Azuela (1873–1952). With his latest book on Américo Paredes now published, we are delighted to share news that Roberto is already turning his mind to his next collection.

Provisionally entitled A Scholiast’s Quill: New Critical Essays on Alfonso Reyes, Roberto’s new project aims to recover Alfonso Reyes’ (1889-1959) interdisciplinary legacy from the standpoint of the twenty-first century, with essays written exclusively for the book by scholars from Colombia, Croatia, France, Mexico, and the United States who analyze the poetry and essays of Alfonso Reyes from contrasting theoretical approaches. It will be the first book on Reyes in the English language, continuing Roberto’s dedication to introducing and assessing the contributions of Latin American poets and essayists. It emerged out of a conference held in 2017, and further information can be found here.

Among other essays, the book will consider:

  • Reyes’ major poetic works such as Visión de Anáhuac, Homero en Cuernavaca
  • Reyes’ philosophical correspondence with leading European and Latin American writers
  • The relationship between Reyes and modernism in the wider context of the Mexican and Latin American essay tradition
  • The influence of Anglo-American criticism on Reyes’ work
  • The idea of America in Reyes’ poetry and essays

Roberto’s newest book with Cambridge Scholars, Border Folk Balladeers: Critical Studies on Américo Paredescan be purchased by clicking here.

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