Meet our Authors: Terence C. Mills – June 2018

Terence C. Mills is Emeritus Professor of Applied Statistics and Econometrics at Loughborough University, UK, having previously held professorial appointments at City University Business School and the University of Hull, also in the UK. He has previously written several books, including Time Series Techniques for Economists (1990) and The Econometric Modelling of Financial Time Series (3rd edition, 2008), and he has edited such works as Monetary and Banking History: Essays in Honour of Forrest Capie (2011) and Time Series Econometrics, 4 volumes (2015). Terence has also published over 200 articles in books and journals, including the Journal of Economic History, the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, the Journal of Climate and the International Journal of Body Composition Research, on subjects as diverse as economics, finance, meteorology, climatology and public health.

In 2017, Terence published A Statistical Biography of George Udny Yule: A Loafer of the World with Cambridge Scholars Publishing, the first major study of Yule, his work, and his influence on an extraordinarily wide range of fields.

Terence offers his reasons for choosing to publish his book with Cambridge Scholars:

“The reason I chose Cambridge Scholars was that it promoted itself as an ‘upmarket’ niche publisher. This was exactly what I was looking for given the subject material of my book, a detailed analysis of the work of George Udny Yule, one of the greatest statisticians of the first half of the 20th century. Although this is the first book-length study of Yule, it is perhaps not the type of project a mainstream publisher is necessarily interested in publishing. Cambridge Scholars, on the other hand, were extremely quick and efficient in making their decision and the production process was conducted in an efficient and pleasantly friendly manner – I would recommend them to anyone wishing to publish a book.”

As part of the Meet our Authors campaign, we are offering our readers a 50% discount on Terence’s book, A Statistical Biography of George Udny Yule: A Loafer of the World. To redeem your discount, please enter the promotional code MOAJUN18 during checkout. Please note that this is a time-limited offer that will expire on 15th July 2018.

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