Mary Munro-Hill’s book Claude Duneton: Chroniqueur at Le Figaro reviewed in the Journal of French Language Studies

Mary Munro-Hill’s second book with Cambridge Scholars Publishing, entitled Claude Duneton: Chroniqueur at Le Figaro, has been reviewed in the March 2018 edition of the Journal of French Language Studies by Professor Dietmar Osthus of the University of Duisburg-Essen. The book is available to purchase for only £29.99 now directly from Cambridge Scholars.

Professor Osthus’ thoughtful and positive review is available here (subscription required), and Mary has kindly translated an excerpt below:

“Munro-Hill is a conscientious observer and analyst of Chapelan’s ideas and succeeds in determining accurately his metalinguistic position, setting his distinctive stance in the context of that of other chroniqueurs de langage […]  She shows how these chroniqueurs, despite holding mainly purist opinions, usually exhibit a degree of tolerance when faced with the internal evolution of the French language.

Her monograph constitutes an almost inexhaustible source of information concerning the metalinguistic trends prevalent in the second half of the twentieth century.”

To mark the publication of the review, we are offering a time-limited discount of 50% off Claude Duneton: Chroniqueur at Le Figaro, and it is available until the end of June for only 29.99.

After the end of June, we will be  offering 20% off both of Mary’s books, Claude Duneton: Chroniqueur at Le Figaro and Aristide of Le Figarowith Cambridge Scholars using the discount code MMH20. Should you wish to buy both, please add both to your shopping cart on our website and then use the discount code MMH30 to receive a 30% discount off both books.


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