Call for chapters: British Travel Narratives on Wars

British Travel and Narratives on Wars is a forthcoming edited collection under consideration for publication by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, and the editors Jeanne Dubino and Elisabetta Marino invite contributors to submit book chapter proposals. If you are interested in contributing please contact  and for further information.

From Homer’s epics to Herodotus’s histories, warring has been synonymous with new experiences for man. Perilous journeys to faraway battlefields, encounters with foreign cultures and places, and, at length, homecoming have always been part of “war as a journey” for soldiers. Yet, as a communal effort, warfare has never solely involved soldiers in isolation. In this respect, it often corresponds to traumatic results like deportation, evacuation, expulsion, and displacement for civilians while war can be related to exhausting, thrilling, or frustrating memories for those observing military conflicts such as war correspondents, military historians, prisoners of war, and even travellers. Adding the impact of war on animals, cities, living spaces, and nature outside to the story of combatants and non-combatants alike, war can be seen as a massive entity creating a massive overall influence on life itself.

Although the field of travel writing has been largely examined in many dimensions, there are still crucial questions to be asked about various generic forms employed to represent and recreate travel related literature. Therefore, we are seeking essays in all manner of issues relating to war and travelling, and more specifically, to representations of “war as a journey” and “travelling through war zones” in the fields of museum studies, literature, psychology, theatre, military history and war studies, ethnography, and gender, film, and media studies. In addition, submissions may deal with war within the framework of narratology, fiction and travel writing, ecotourism, cinematography, ecocriticism as well as travel and disguise/performances.

Submissions must deal with travel texts though they may be broadly defined to include, among other forms, published books, unpublished manuscripts and documents, letters, diaries, and journals.

The essays will be due by October 30, 2018. Essays should be 5000-7000 words in length and should follow the MLA style (7th edition). Please submit to both  and

Important Publisher Information:

  • Cambridge Scholars Publishing Contributor Agreement — Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Contributor Agreement is available by clicking here(PDF).
  • Cambridge Scholars Publishing Policies and Guidelines — Cambridge Scholars Publishing requires that bibliographic citations follow Chicago Manual of Style format. For additional manuscript guidelines, please click here (PDF).
  • Additional publishing policies and guidelines are available by clicking here.

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