Editorial Advisory Board’s ‘Recommended Read’ – July 2018

This month, our Editorial Advisory Board member Dr Edith Bruder has chosen her ‘Recommended Read’: a book published in December 2016 by Tudor Parfitt and Netanel Fisher. Edith is a research associate at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and a research fellow at the University of South Africa. A French ethnologist with a multi-disciplinary background in the history of art and clinical psychology, she has researched and published widely on the history and the contemporary phenomena of Jewish practices across sub-Saharan Africa, Judaising movements, forgotten diasporas, contemporary diasporas and particular Jewish identities. Her books include Black Jews, Les Juifs noirs d’Afrique et le mythe des Tribus perdues (Albin Michel 2014), co-editor of African Zion, Studies in Black Judaism (Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2012) and African Journeys to Judaism (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, forthcoming 2018)

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Dr Edith Bruder’s ‘Recommended Read’:

Becoming Jewish: New Jews and Emerging Jewish Communities in a Globalized World

Editors: Tudor Parfitt and Netanel Fisher

One of the most striking contemporary religious phenomena is the world-wide fascination with Judaism. Traditionally, few non-Jews converted to the Jewish faith, but today millions are converting to Judaism In this volume, leading scholars of issues related to conversion, Judaising movements and Judaism as a New Religious Movement discuss and explain this global movement towards identification with the Jewish people, from Germany and Poland to China and Nigeria.

Picture of Becoming Jewish“Tudor Parfitt and Netanel Fisher’s captivating book on the emergence of new Jewish identities in the globalized world is resolutely looking forward to the future. The book is a courageous adventure in transnational histories, cultural crossbreeding, and the development of Jewish identity in the twentieth century. It refers to a remarkable phenomenon that has been taking place over several decades:  in various countries, a vast number of individuals or groups have chosen to become part of the Jewish people and have acquainted themselves with Jewish tradition and legends in diverse circumstances and contexts.

In their chapters, leading scholars from social and religious sciences delineate the various profiles of ‘joiners’ to Judaism. In the vast scope of their methodological approach, one of the distinguishing features of the book, they rise unavoidable questions about identity, “authentic” Jewishness, and citizenship in Israel: Who is a Jew… versus a non-Jew? What is Judaism?

This book constitutes a very valuable and worthwhile resource. What it demonstrates clearly is that Judaism and Jewishness are going through very profound changes in our time. It is not surprising that different disciplines based on different criteria and methods of interpretation may reach different conclusions on the same subject—it appears that the story is just beginning to unfold.”

For further information on Dr Bruder, please click here.

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