Meet our Authors: Ferne Louanne Regis

Ferne Louanne Regis is an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of the West Indies’ (UWI) Open and St Augustine Campuses and at the UWI School of Business and Applied Studies (ROYTEC). She holds a PhD in linguistics from UWI, St Augustine. Her primary work focuses on the biracial minority group of Douglas in Trinidad and their expressions of ethnic identity via language, but her interests extend to other Caribbean areas and groups where language and ethnicity are at play. She has published a number of articles and book chapters on Trinidad’s Douglas.

In 2016 Ferne published her first monograph with Cambridge Scholars, The Trinidad Dougla: Identity, Ethnicity and Lexical Choice. The book is an exploration of the connections between language and identity amongst Trinidad’s minority group, and has been described as “a pioneering study on a social group that has been neglected by linguistic scholarship” by Dr Winford James of the University of the West Indies at St. Augustine.

Two years on, Ferne reflects on her experiences of publishing with Cambridge Scholars:

“In 2012, I contributed a chapter to a book published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. As part of my due diligence, I researched the press and found that it was producing solid and reputable work. In 2014, as a birthday challenge to myself, I forwarded a proposal for a manuscript. Within weeks I received an affirmative response. The journey from acceptance to completion was smooth, the publishing team kept me to time and even when I had to defer because of competing interests they were patient and accommodating. I was relieved and comforted.

My book was the first major publication on the Trinidad Dougla. CSP’s decision to publish therefore not only provided a platform for my contribution to Caribbean sociolinguistics but also an opportunity for the plight of this minority biracial group to surface. Their decision to publish is indicative of the foresight and vision of CSP’s management team.

And there is still more: CSP’s support and engagement did not end with the posting of my published manuscript. The team embraced the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the launch and sales initiative. Marketing materials were shipped to the Caribbean at no cost to me and requested launch photos, reviews and testimonials were posted on the company’s webpage.  The service was par excellence.

It was an extreme pleasure working with CSP. I would not hesitate to work with their team again.

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