Book Review: Calculus in Plant Science

This book is a collection of examples related to plant science. The book shows the reader how to calculate a broad range of tasks following from real scientific measurements, e.g. the rate of photosynthesis, water potential in plants, or the rate of sugar consumption during respiration. Each example has an assignment containing all the necessary data and a short response describing the calculation procedure. Each result is highlighted. All assignments and calculation procedures are clear and easy to understand. The book contains seven chapters focused on subcellular processes, water relation, photosynthesis, nitrogen metabolism, respiration, the effect of plant hormones, and other tasks combining all processes together. Appendices describe the used formulas in detail. I appreciate the variability of examples covering all topics of plant physiology, from the molecular level to the ecosystem level. In my opinion, Appendix IV, describing energy and gas fluxes, might be another full chapter with exercises to show problems in calculations on a global scale. The book is a good collection of exercises for students to illustrate fascinating physiological processes in plants. Some results are breathtaking even for a scientist focused on plant biology.

I highly recommend the book Calculus in Plant Science to all teachers and students in universities as a good text to compliment lectures on plant physiology. It will also be useful for research scientists to read this book in order to critically consider all biological processes.

Reviewed by Sylva Prerostova
Institute of Experimental Botany
Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague

Calculus in Plant Science is available now from Cambridge Scholars, and can be purchased by clicking here.

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