Book Review: Radical Contra-Diction: Coleridge, Revolution, Apostasy

Björn Bosserhoff’s book Radical Contra-Diction: Coleridge, Revolution, Apostasy, published in 2016 with Cambridge Scholars Publishing, has been reviewed by Katy Beavers from the School of Health Sciences, City, University of London. The review is not available online, but an indicative excerpt is below:

“Bosserhof concludes that Coleridge’s attempts to rewrite his own past were to counter the charges of apostasy made against him by critics such as Hazlitt. He notes that Coleridge was keen to take the chances presented to him to publicly renounce his former youthful opinions. Of course, Coleridge’s later apostasy was largely unsuccessful—people remembered his earlier views—and his public recantations did nothing to change the minds of those who knew him (such as Hazlitt). Bosserhof’s Radical Contra-diction includes a number of colour illustrations, including portraits of Coleridge and Southey among other works related to the Revolution. In all, Bosserhof’s study sheds new light on a decisive period in Coleridge’s life and thought.”

The book can be purchased directly from Cambridge Scholars by clicking here.

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