New book review: Translation Studies Beyond the Postcolony

We are delighted to share news that Kobus Marais and Ilse Feinauer’s 2017 book Translation Studies Beyond the Postcolony has been reviewed in the latest issue of New Voices in Translation Studies. The book has been reviewed by noted postcolonial specialist Edmund Chapman from the Department of English, American Studies & Creative Writing at the University of Manchester. The full can be read in full open access here, and below is an indicative excerpt:

“[The volume] effectively argues for a total redefinition of our discipline, given the realities of the contemporary (postcolonial) world. This volume would have worked equally well had it been titled ‘The Postcolony Beyond Translation Studies.’ While the essays collected here have varying degrees of success in achieving their aims, the volume as a whole is certainly provocative, and points towards interesting future directions for research in Translation Studies and other fields of scholarship.” 

Translation Studies Beyond the Postcolony can be purchased directly from Cambridge Scholars by clicking here.

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