Meet our Authors – Despoina N. Feleki

Despoina N. Feleki is an independent researcher and appointed English Educator in Greece. She holds a PhD in Contemporary American Studies and an MA in Studies in European Literature and Culture. She lectures on the intersections between textuality and digitality, and how these affect literary and educational practices.  Her latest scientific interests revolve around contemporary Anglophone fiction, new media studies and popular cultural productions, investigating their effect on both readers’ and learners’ consciousness. Feleki presents her research in national and international conferences and is a regular review contributor to the online European Journal of American Studies. Her published articles have also appeared in numerous academic journals.

In February of this year, Despoina’s monograph entitled Stephen King in the New Millennium: Gothic Mediations on New Writing Materialities, was published by Cambridge Scholars. The book is an exciting exploration of how the great horror writer has adapted to world of digital print, probing King’s new ‘toolbox’ and how he has utilised it in the New Millenium.

Despoina reflects on the process of publishing with Cambridge Scholars:

“Being an early-career academic, Cambridge Scholars Publishing posed as the right choice for the publication of my first title. I was attracted by the interdisciplinary approach pursued by CSP publications and the wide range of academic studies offering insights into latest new media and cultural studies. This promised to create the right space for a fruitful negotiation of the latest new media and literary practices that take place in the digitised twenty-first century. The editorial team promised to offer support and guidance at all stages of this great endeavour, from manuscript submission to publication and post publication marketing policies… And I am here now to tell the tale!”

As part of our Meet our Authors campaign, we are offering readers a 50% discount on Stephen King in the New Millennium: Gothic Mediations on New Writing Materialities. Please click here and use the discount code MOAAUG18 when checking out. Please note that this is a time-limited offer that will expire on 15th September 2018.

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