Book Review: Understanding the Other and Oneself

Understanding the Other and Oneself, edited by Detlef Staude and Eckart Rushmann, has been reviewed in the latest issue of Philosophical Practice. The review is wide ranging and expansive, and an indicative excerpt is below. The full review is available here (requires subscription):

“Understanding the Other and Oneself is a fruit of the 14th International Conference on Philosophical Practice, which took place in Bern two years ago. The best conference papers constitute the content of this book and give a good overview of the variety of theories, approaches, and experiences in the field of philosophical practice today. It is impossible to write an abstract of the many views and ways which enter into a dialogue in the mind of the reader. Nonetheless, I would like to give a very short and sketchy picture of the different contributions, a sort of panoramic view of the theoretic landscape, because only by doing so does the richness of this collection become palpable, seducing one to actually step in and scrutinize this landscape more closely. […] In any case, what this collection shows is that philosophical practice is an expansive activity. It follows many paths, always explores new ways and walks in the most diverse directions. But sometimes these different roads come together at a great junction and all the voices start to talk to each other. Just open the book, and you will hear them.”
Albert Hoffman, Zurich Institute of Philosophical Practice

Please click here to see more information about the book, including how to purchase and an excerpt containing the table of contents and opening pages.

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