Meet our Authors: Kleio Akrivou – September 2018

Kleio Akrivou is Associate Professor of Business Ethics and Organisational Behaviour at the University of Reading’s Henley Business School in the United Kingdom. She is also Visiting Scholar at the University of Navarra’s institutes for Business and Humanism and Culture and Society in Spain. She holds a PhD with a cross-disciplinary focus on moral psychology, adult learning and development, and behavioural science from Case Western Reserve University in the United States. Kleio’s current work focuses on non-representational theories of knowledge and how to approach and understand the self and action, with the aim of integrating moral psychology with classical philosophical works on the self, knowing, and life.

In May of this year Kleio published The Inter-Processual Self: Towards a Personalist Virtue Ethics Proposal for Human Agency with Cambridge Scholars, alongside her co-authors José Víctor Orón Semper and Germán Scalzo. The book showcases her current interdisciplinary research, defending a personalist approach to ethics through an analysis of self and action.

Kleio reflects on her experience of working with Cambridge Scholars on the book:

“My co-authors and I worked very harmoniously with CSP in the production of our book. I found that all steps of the work involved (from the final editing of the book to typesetting, cover design, and marketing) to be of high quality in both the process and in terms of the eventual outcome.  I am impressed with the discrete albeit respectful way we have been supported in marketing and communicating the new book to various audiences.  Academics in various disciplines may work for years or even decades to bring a theoretically rigorous and practically relevant new idea or theory to life. The work we do is so dense and intensive that we often lack the experience or a tacit understanding of how to increase our visibility and reach different audiences who may truly benefit by becoming aware of our work. I was impressed by how CSP has been an immensely valuable collaborative partner in this effort of ours, and I am very thankful to all CSP team members for their personal work and the ongoing support they provide to us. ” 

 As part of the Meet our Authors campaign, we are offering our readers a 50% discount on The Inter-Processual Self: Towards a Personalist Virtue Ethics Proposal for Human Agency. To redeem your discount, please enter the promotional code MOASEP18 during checkout. Please note that this is a time-limited offer that will expire on 15th October 2018.

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