Bangladeshi newspaper The Daily Star reviews Nature and Life: Essays on Deep Ecology and Applied Ethics

The Bangladeshi daily The Daily Star has published a superb open access review of Md. Munir Hossain Talukder’s book Nature and Life: Essays on Deep Ecology and Applied EthicsThe review is available open access here, and an indicative excerpt is below:

“How is a philosophical worldview of nature and life (in the sense of its totality) possible? The answer to this question can be found in the philosophical approach of Md. Munir Hossain Talukder who invites us to take the universe in its totality as a way of correcting the metaphysics of ‘self’ and its relation with the nature.Of all the far reaching insights, the one most relevant of Professor Talukder’s book is his engagement in exploring the issues of values, virtues and attitude towards life and nature through a common lens of culture in which the “quality of life” is emphasized not only as a logical outcome of “Self-realization” but also as a common denominator of (bio)ethical choice. This way of thinking as such would contribute profoundly to the ongoing dialogue about deep ecology and applied ethics, generated from the renewed interests in transforming the metaphysic of self into a philosophical worldview of life and nature.”

Muhammad A Sayeed, Jahangirnagar University, The Daily Star

The book is out now, and can be purchased directly from Cambridge Scholars by clicking here.

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