Call for Papers: Hydrogeophysics for Improved Groundwater Modeling

Title: Hydrogeophysics for Improved Groundwater Modeling

Dr. L. Surinaidu (Lead Editor, email:

Dr. M. J. Nandan

Dr. V.M. Tiwari

Authors address:

CSIR-National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI)

Habsiguda, Uppal Road

Hyderabad – India – 500 007

Office: +9140-27012349/Mob:+919676963210

Groundwater models enable us to predict the dynamic response of the aquifers under different stress conditions such as groundwater pumping, recharge, climate and land use change that helps in the implementation of water management plans. The models also help us to understand the contaminant transport in the subsurface, and to test and implement suitable remedial measures. Most of the models suffer from inadequate hydrogeological data across  spatial scales to reliably simulate the subsurface flow processes. The conventional methods including bore well drilling for deciphering aquifer geometry, pumping and slug tests for aquifer parameter estimation generally limited to smaller areas, or to representative locations that are not able to provide information across spatial scales to reliably simulate the subsurface flow processes for predictive modeling.

In the recent years hydrogeophysics has evolved as an emerging technique for improved understanding of subsurface properties and hydrogeological processes. The present book aims to synthesize  knowledge on the advantages and utilities of hydrogeophysics and space borne observations to reliably conceptualize the compartmentalization of heterogeneous subsurface hydrogeological processes, to improve the model simulation and predictive capability of groundwater flow and transport models.

We invite research papers and case studies on hydrogeophysics that lead to  better conceptualisations of hydrogeological process and improve predictive modeling of groundwater flow and solute models. In addition, case studies on coupled hydrogeophysics, space borne observations, bore well lithology and aquifer tests for predictive subsurface flow and contaminant transport modeling, groundwater levels under climate and land use changes for providing sustainable management options, are all welcome.

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is March 31st 2019, and  full paper submission is due by June 31st 2019. The book will then be submitted for publication with Cambridge Scholars Publishing. For more information, email the lead editor on 

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