Meet our Authors: Takesure Taringana – December 2018

Takesure Taringana is an economic historian and a Lecturer in the Department of Economic History at the University of Zimbabwe. He obtained his BA Honours degree in Economic History and his MPhil in African Economic History in 2008 and 2015 respectively. He has a sharp interest in agricultural commodities and development in Africa, and mainly focuses on coffee production in both colonial and post-colonial Zimbabwe. His research is also concerned with water and development, gender, language, climate change and community development.

In June 2018, Takesure published his first research monograph with Cambridge Scholars Publishing, entitled Agrarian Capitalism and the Development of the Coffee Industry in Colonial Zimbabwe 1900-1980. The book is an important touchstone for economic historians, political economists, and anyone who is interested in the dual logics of capitalism and colonialism as they have played out in Africa over the past 100 years.

Takesure explains why he chose to publish his first book with Cambridge Scholars:

“A major attraction to working with Cambridge Scholars Publishing was their strong reputation and the wide range of subjects that they cover. This offered me a timely and convenient entry into the world of distinguished scholarship. These virtues were further enhanced by Cambridge Scholars’ publicity drive, which enabled my book to reach a wide global readership and, therefore, make a significant impact on global scholarship.

 “I also really enjoyed the efficiency of the publication process, which was the result of a highly interactive relationship between the publisher and me. They managed to live up to their expectations of an author-orientated publishing process – this meant my involvement at every stage of the process, ensuring that my book is exactly what I wanted it to be!

 “As a junior scholar, publishing with Cambridge Scholars was my breakthrough in the scholarly world. It has boosted my confidence and encouraged me in my efforts to make a substantial and ongoing impact in the world of scholarly publishing.”

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