Call for Submissions: “Trade Negotiations and Global Relations: Emerging Players and Actors”

Amidst highly anticipated outcomes from ongoing trade talks between US and China, Brexit negotiations outcomes, as well recently concluded NAFTA negotiations, the atmosphere surrounding global trade relations could not be more highly charged. This volume not only illustrates how the changing face, landscape and scene of political economy and international trade relations are significantly impacting financial stability, regulatory, legal and financial related actors but also highlights and explains how certain actors are contributing in addressing those instabilities which are threatening current global spheres as a result of recent developments.

This volume/book also highlights why and how effective coordination between non governmental organisations, actors and member states involved in resource allocation, be it from a development aid perspective, or otherwise, continues to constitute a recurring issue in terms of information sharing – as well as the type, adequacy and quality of information that is at hand – and more importantly how this vital issue can be addressed to mitigate current global issues and resolve global differences in opinions and approaches .

This book covers not only important and vital current topical issues, but is relevant to everyone in the society in terms of the need to address important matters – matters such as threats to financial stability, global trade relations and global peace and security.

Submissions relating to the following areas are welcomed:

  • financial stability
  • Business enterprises, start-ups and entrepreneurs
  • global trade relations
  • global peace
  • security
  • Nongovernmental Organizations in International Environmental Negotiations
  • Resilience and Sustainable Development
  • Importance of Non governmental Organizations In Global Governance

Corresponding authors for submissions:

Prof Enriqueta Caballero Serrano (email:  and

Time line for submissions:

Papers are to be submitted by the 31st Jan 2020

Submissions Review Process: 1st Feb – 28th Feb 2020

Notification of Submissions and Acceptance: 15th February 2020

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