New Review of The Mind’s Interaction with the Laws of Physics and Cosmology by Professor Friedrich H. Balck

Please see below for excerpts from Professor Friedrich H. Balck’s review of The Mind’s Interaction with the Laws of Physics and Cosmology (Jeffrey S Keen): a highly perceptive  and trailblazing text wherein Keen comprehends the very nature of consciousness itself through a rigorously scientific yet accessible lens.

“The numerous chapters are highly comprehensive. Even for experienced observers with extended capabilities, the book offers sufficient material for weeks or even months of pertinent activity and thus for gaining new experience. The mathematical approaches indicate that laws of nature are involved here. From his treatment, the curiosity and diligence of the author are obvious as he observes the world with extended senses, both alone and with the assistance of other sensitive persons.

However, even for non-sensitive persons, the book has something special to offer, that is, an understanding for the possibility of discovering hitherto unknown aspects of one’s environment with good sensors and thus deriving new information for our view of the world.

In great detail, J. Keen considers mental paths, Psilines, and smugglers’ Psi lines, which are perceivable and traceable connecting lines between two locations, similar to the Psi-tracks investigated in Sweden….The consequences of this and of the other experiments are so overwhelming that one must arrive at completely new ways of thinking in analogy with The Mind’s Interaction with the Laws of Physics and Cosmology.”

– Friedrich H. Balck,, 2018

Please click the below link to access the review:

Click to access keen-book-review-english.pdf






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