Breast Cancer with Professor Michael Baum

Professor Michael Baum is a world class medic, leading breast cancer surgeon and author of the forthcoming book ’My Bosom Friend: The History & Mystery of Breast Cancer’. He has studied breast cancer for the past 50 years and is somewhat of a pioneer in the field. He spoke to Liz Earle on her Wellbeing Magazine podcast (found at about his life and career whilst providing an intellectual yet accessible view of breast cancer.

In this podcast Prof. Baum discusses some of the history of breast cancer, the risk factors that contribute towards breast cancer, the different types of surgery and treatment that are now available and how these have developed over the years, among other topics. The illuminating and informative discussion helps to explain the difficult and misunderstood area of breast cancer by dispelling myths around the horrible disease, and exploring where the future of treatment may lie. His upcoming book will go into these areas in much more detail, and we can’t wait to learn more about this fascinating yet harrowing area of science.

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