Da Vinci Museum Grand Opening

Professor Stefaan Missinne, author of The Da Vinci Globe, will be attending the grand opening of the new Da Vinci Museum in Italy later this week, on May 2nd 2019. Professor Missinne is very highly regarded in the Da Vinci world thanks to The Da Vinci Globe, which he wrote after a chance discovery at a distinguished London map fair in 2012 produced the most unique of finds: a distinct globe with mysterious images, such as old ships, sailors, a volcano, a hybrid monster, pentimenti, waving patterns, conic individualised mountains, curving rivers, vigorous costal lines, chiaroscuro and an unresolved triangular anagram, which remains an enigma. The globe is hand-engraved in great detail on ostrich egg shells, and was done by Leonardo Da Vinci himself. This inspired Stefaan to author a book about the globe, and you can find out more details, alongside an extract of the book here.

Below is the poster for the ceremony:

Da Vinci
Ceremony Poster

Stefaan has also recently presented at the University of Vienna which you can find out more about by reading one of our previous blog entries here. Alternatively, you can see the excellent academic reception that The Da Vinci Globe has received here.

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