Dr Jessica Ashe’s Review of The Pragmatics of Cogent Argumentation in British and American Political Debates by Dr. Waleed Ridha Hammoodi Al-Juwaid

Please see below for Dr Jessica Ashe’s review of Dr. Waleed Ridha Hammoodi Al-Juwaid’s The Pragmatics of Cogent Argumentation in British and American Political Debatesa thoroughly well-researched and comprehensive assessment of linguistics in politics.

“Could candidates possibly win elections through the use of pivotal speech acts in presidential and prime ministerial debates? Dr. Al-Juwaid postulates so as he examines these structured yet contentious conversations in his new book, The Pragmatics of Cogent Argumentation in British and American Political Debates with a new eclectic model of analysis. His definition of cogent argumentation incorporates most (if not all) previous scholar’s work on the subject and then amalgamates them into a comprehensive matrix of his own design, the likes of which has never been seen. He is well published within the specific linguistic field of rhetoric and argumentation. He is affiliated with the Ministry of Education, the General Directorate of Education in Babylon, Iraq. His methodology is inexhaustibly thorough.

If one could dare to distill his perspective, it would be that leadership can be perceived by an audience through key features of elocution. Al-Juwaid’s extensive quantitative analysis reveals specific rhetorical and other devices employed in debate. As an appetizer, candidates resoundingly use the positive politeness strategy of offer/promise over negative strategies. It is argued that the use of ethos (over logos and pathos), along with these other positive speech acts, demonstrates “good character” indicating he/she is responsible and principled. Anyone who wants to be perceived as a leader can benefit from reading the book. Despite the book’s complexity, it is very well organized. The many tables and figures elucidate and clarify meaning. The evidence is indeed detailed and compelling enough to make me want to see his eclectic model of analysis employed in other contexts. The intended audience ranges wide, to include not only rhetoricians and linguists, but political aide de camps, educators and writers who hope to persuade.”

Dr Jessica Ashe holds a doctoral degree in Literacy & Second Language Studies and is academic staff at Miami University in Ohio. In addition to her own peer-reviewed publications in the field of International Higher Education, she edits scholarly work by researchers for whom English is their second language.

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