Asian Regional Conference on Goats (ARCG 2019) – Call for Papers

Second Asian Regional Conference on Goats (ARCG 2019) Call for Abstracts

The Faculty of Animal Science, Veterinary Science and Fisheries, Agriculture and Forestry University, Chitwan, Nepal in collaboration with International Goat Association (IGA) is organizing the second Asian Regional Conference on Goats (ARCG 2019). The theme of conference is ‘goats for food, nutrition and economic security in developing world’. The conference will be held on 20-23 October 2019 in Chitwan, Nepal in support of Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, Department of Livestock Services; Nepal Agricultural Research Council; Heifer International Nepal and University Grants Commission. The main aim of the conference is to gather researchers, academics and development entities to exchange knowledge and technologies generated in the field of goat research and development across the globe.

Thematic areas

  • Goat as a source of food and economic security in the developing world
  • Goat production policies, socio-economics, and value chain development
  • Goat husbandry management
  • Goat feeding and nutrition management
  • Phenomics, genomics and biotechnology for enhanced goat production
  • Health management and disease control
  • Advancement in goat product processing

For contact information and to read more about the conference please click here.


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