International Conference on Graphene & 3D Printing Technology

The International Conference on Graphene & 3D Printing Technology during November 04-05, 2019 at Singapore. This Graphene 2019 conference will bring together top senior scientists in all of Graphene, 3D Printing, Chemistry experts, professionals, Material Science & Nanotechnology backgrounds. The Conference seeks contributed papers in all of its sections, and also from emerging Sciences areas, Technologies and related areas to the development of Graphene & 3D Printing Technology.

This Conference Highlights will follow a very innovative format.

  • Graphene Innovation and commercialization
  • Graphene Synthesis Applications in Semiconductor Industry
  • 3D Printing Materials
  • 3D Printing of Polymers and Composites
  • 3D Printing in Electronics
  • Graphene-based hybrid materials, nanomaterials and their electrochemistry
  • The Nanoworld of Graphene
  • Large scale graphene production and Characterization
  • Materials Beyond Graphene
  • Innovations in 3D Printing

For more information about Scientific Sessions:

(Call for abstracts):

Conference Homepage:

Conference Brochure:


Tel: +44 20 3807 2025Graphene-media-posting

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