Press Release: Optical Metrology with Interferometry


Optical Metrology with Interferometry

By Dahi Ghareab Abdelsalam Ibrahim

Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Release Date: 1st October 2019

The accurate measurements of surface topography are becoming important to many applications in both engineering and science. Optical interferometry is considered a preferable technique for featuring accurate 3D surface profiling since it is non-contacting, non-destructive and highly accurate. In combination with computers and other electronic devices, optical interferometry has become faster, more reliable, more convenient and more robust. There is now a wealth of new optical interferometry techniques on the market, or being developed in academia, that can measure surface topography with high precision. Each method has both its strong points and its limitations. This book explains in detail the basics of optical interferometry, their common language, generic features and limitations, and their simulation and uncertainties. Moreover, it provides an introduction to new frontiers in optical interferometry, including terahertz technology and optical frequency combs.


Dahi Ghareab Abdelsalam Ibrahim received his BS and MS in Physics from Minia University, Egypt, in 1997 and 2001, respectively. He holds a PhD in Optical Metrology, and is currently Professor of Optical Metrology in Engineering and Surface Metrology at the National Institute of Standards, Egypt. He has published around 73 peer-reviewed papers and three book chapters.

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