Press Release: An International Humanitarian Organisation: A United Nations of the People by James David Parker

An International Humanitarian Organisation: A United Nations of the People

By James David Parker

Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Release Date: 16th March 2019

This book presents a concise account of our current approach to the climate crisis, and provides a clear view of the current situation, and the history of the protocols and promises that have failed. It offers substantial international solutions, exploring the urgent need for an international ethical and progressive alliance that has authority beyond economic self-interests, and arguing in favour of shifting our focus to reducing the manufacture of greenhouse gases rather than concentrating on the reduction of carbon emissions.

The book goes on to explore why solutions can only emerge by changing the very international structure of governance, a structure that is now conditioned by out-dated modes created before the collective understanding of the Earth as one whole. It proposes that these solutions can only happen if they are based on an international unity emerging from our collective expertise, ethics, and intelligence among humanity today.


James David Parker is a London-based Political and Legal Consultant, Journalist and Lecturer who specialises in international relations. He gives presentations and speeches that explore the way international solutions can be implemented to fix the escalating problems that we all face together.His commentaries on international relations offer insights into the current uncertainties and concerns across the world. He is also the Global Ambassador for Global Resolutions, an official expert member of the Global Minds in the Global Journal and Co-Organiser for One People One World Conferences.

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