Press Release: Reflections on Everyday Life by António de Castro Caeiro


Reflections on Everyday Life 

By António de Castro Caeiro 

Cambridge Scholars Publishing 

Release Date: 2nd August 2019

This book breaks frontiers. It deals with human beings and their intrinsic relationship with time in the space of a week. Each day is different from another. There is nothing human without days. It is said that life is a single day, but one day is the measure of time in the rhythm of human life. Days, weeks, months, years, and decades are human organizations of time; the universe has no days. It is human beings who are time. We are literally the days of the week repeatedly until the week ends. In this book, there is a continuous search for the days’ identities, for their specific characteristics, for the way they open up to our consciousness in each of its parts. The book identifies the particular characteristics of each day and the specific relationship of human beings with time. 


António De Castro Caeiro has been a Lecturer in the Faculty of Social Sciences (NOVA FCSH) of Lisbon New University, Portugal, since 1990, and belongs to the IFILNOVA Research Unit. He is also an essayist and translator and his work embraces both ancient and contemporary philosophy. He has multiple publications to his credit, writes a weekly column for Hoje Macau, and hosted 12 episodes of the Portuguese TV show It’s a Classic.

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