Book Launch Announcement: Innovative Solutions for Creating Sustainable Cities

On September 21st one of our authors, Sylvie Albert, will be launching her book Innovative Solutions for Creating Sustainable Cities at McNally Robinson Booksellers.

How do we prepare for and manage the challenges and the transformations that are increasingly confronting cities? Solutions are necessary for the impacts expected from the global population movement toward urban centres; the evolution of technologies and its influence on the economy; the evolving socio-cultural fabric of our cities and what it means for citizen engagement and happiness; and for the increasing need to protect and better manage the environment. The series of essays presented here will help governments, organizations, and concerned citizens think differently about ways we can improve the places we call home. It will stimulate local stakeholders to move away from silo-thinking and work collaboratively toward innovative solutions to make cities more liveable and sustainable. The volume brings together international experts on development, innovation, education, health, digitalization, and planning to provide stimulating new ideas and successful examples of tools and systems being used worldwide to improve the future of cities.

A consultant, researcher and author in the smart/intelligent/networked community movement for over 25 years, Dr Sylvie Albert is a Professor of Strategy and outgoing Dean of Business and Economics at the University of Winnipeg, Canada. In a previous role, her management consulting firm assisted communities in the establishment of broadband networks and digital projects. Dr Albert was the Chief Jurist of the Intelligent Community Forum in New York and a Special Advisor to the Canadian Government Smart Cities Challenge, where she devised evaluation mechanisms for awards and demonstration projects. She is also part of the Scientific Committee of the Global Forum on Digitalization, and a member of the Information and Communications Technology Council of Canada special task-force on smart cities.

For more information about the book launch click here.

To read a thirty-page extract of the book please click here.

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