La Repubblica on The New Gendered Plundering of Africa by Carmela Grillone


Carmela “Milly” Grillone’s research and activism collected in the recent Cambridge Scholars publication The New Gendered Plundering of Africa: Nigerian Prostitution in Italy has been highlighted and praised in the esteemed Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica. The picture above shows Milly with one of the Nigerian girls interviewed for her doctoral thesis whom she helped rebel against her traffickers.

To read Salvo Palazzolo’s full article in La Repubblica, entitled ‘The researcher who saves prostitutes’, please click here.

Dr Melissa Farley, the founder and director of Prostitution Research and Education (a San Francisco based NGO) in her review of Milly’s study wrote:

“With both personal accounts and research data, Grillone’s book powerfully documents the enslavement of vulnerable women in the business of sexual exploitation—prostitution. This book is a must-read if you want to understand how human rights abuse unfolds—via poverty, racism and colonialism, sexism, the complicity of government officials and organized criminals, and ineffective laws on prostitution and migration. Grillone seeks social justice for the women she writes about. The book is an inspiration for activists and academics alike.”

To read an extract from the book, or to purchase it from our website, please click here.

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