The Da Vinci Globe presented in Amsterdam: A premiere for the Netherlands


SPUI25 are hosting an event on October 31st in Amsterdam with Stefaan Missinne,  Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, da Vinci expert, and author of The Da Vinci Globe. Published recently by Cambridge Scholars, the book brings the reader along a fabulous journey of scholars, maps, and riddles, to present painstaking evidence that one of the world’s earliest known globes – found after a chance discovery at a London map fair in 2012 – was in fact crafted by Leonardo da Vinci.

The event, which you can read about here, will be the first time that Missinne has spoken in the Netherlands about his years of research and the remarkable discoveries it has brought to light. His findings, as SPUI25 note, are “proofs that will revolutionise the history of the Renaissance and cartography.”

The Portuguese Ambassador to Austria, António de Almeida Ribeiro, sincerely believes that Professor Missinne’s account will “soon become acknowledged as one of the most significant discoveries of the 21st century.”

The event is free but booking is required as places at the talk are limited. You can book your place by following this link.

To learn more about the book and the author, to read reviews or an extract from the text, or to purchase the study you can go to our website.

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