Santiago Sia awarded a DLitt for his published work

We at Cambridge Scholars Publishing are proud to announce that Santiago Sia, one of our most prolific authors, has been awarded a D.Litt. by the National University of Ireland (NUI). The D.Litt., a higher doctorate on published work, is the highest qualification awarded by the NUI to scholars who have “over a sustained period, published a substantial body of ground-breaking and influential work in a field of specialisation and who have achieved outstanding distinction internationally in that field”.

Santiago was for a number of years Professor of Philosophy at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, USA and more recently Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy at Milltown Institute (a college of the NUI), Dublin, Ireland. As sole author and alongside frequent collaborator Marian F. Sia, Santiago has written several scholarly journal articles and fifteen books, eight of which have been published by Cambridge Scholars. These include the recent title From Education to Life and a unique trilogy which probes philosophical themes through the use of narrative. These books are available in hardback and paperback editions.

You can see some of the wealth of critical praise for each volume below:

Ethical Contexts and Theoretical Issues: Essays in Ethical Thinking (2010)

“An interesting, thoughtful and well-written book intended to create a better understanding of the field of Ethics and how Ethics is a vehicle that can smoothly move across a variety of disciplines, practices and professions. I would certainly use it in my teaching.”

– Prof Elaine Englehardt, Editor, Teaching Ethics

From Question to Quest: Literary-Philosophical Enquiries into the Challenges of Life (2010)

“This is truly a work of imaginative thinking. It confronts the great questions in a world in which we are all too often content with avoiding them in our obsession with particularity. It listens attentively to the great masters of philosophy and literature which have gone before, but knows that we can never truly think until we have summoned the courage to think for ourselves…”

– Prof David Jasper, Professor of Literature and Theology, University of Glasgow

Society in its Challenges: Philosophical Considerations of Living in Society (2014)

“I have no doubt that Santiago’s book will help provoke the kind of probing discussions we need to be having about how we can live humanly together, draw wisdom from information and experience and not simply accrete knowledge – a very important addition to his impressive corpus of writings and wise scholarship and to our civic discourse.”

– Mary McAleese, Former President of Ireland

That Elusive Fountain of Wisdom: A Tale of the Human Thirst for Knowledge (2015)

“How good it is to see professors break out of the established forms of academic discourse and say it in story! It is a good story, too. There is much strong narrative art in the novel; character and incident are well developed.”

– Professor William Beardslee, Creative Transformation

Those Distant Shores: A Narrative of Human Restlessness (2015)

“An engaging work of fiction […] the narrative draws the reader in, providing the excitement of the story. At the same time, in and through the characters and events, it raises the most profound questions about human life. What a wonderful way to do philosophy, read fiction, and enrich one’s life!”

– Dr Owen Cummings, Mount Angel Seminary, USA

This Deep Pierian Spring: An Account of the Human Quest for Meaning (2016)

“It draws the reader into such an interesting world of literature and ideas, into the lives of the fictional characters and into the imaginative contexts in which the authors place them […] a narrative of a journey: the one which we all must take, from being an observer of things, to becoming, in some sense, co-creator of all human values.”

– Rev. Dr Celia G. Kenny, Cardiff University

The Christian Message as Vision and Mission: Philosophical Considerations of its Significance (2017)

“Offered in this opus is a product of years of reflection from one of the renowned philosophers born in the East but spent most of his time teaching and researching in the West. […] The whole work attests to the richness of the author’s experiences and the depth of his expertise on the subjects assigned to him in these academic gatherings.”

– Dr. Joel C. Sagut, Review Editor, Philippiniana Sacra

From Education to Life: A Review of Its Role and Tasks (2019)

“Replete with valuable insights and lessons from their rich experiences as educators and from the wisdom of great thinkers of both East and West, this timely and stimulating book is a penetrating exploration of the real meaning of education within the context of today’s globalizing world spurred by the demands of the market and marked by secularization. A must-read for those who are in the field of education but also for anyone who cares about the future and destiny of our young people.”

– Dr. Ryan Urbano, Chair of Philosophy, University of San Carlos

We at Cambridge Scholars would like to congratulate Professor Sia on the well-earned award, and display our gratitude for his consistently exceptional work.

For more information on any of the above books you can visit them at our website. Details of further reviews and short excerpts of the books are also available on the books’ respective pages.

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