Podcast: Inventing Transgender Children and Young People

Michele Moore and Heather Brunskell-Evans, editors of the recent volume Inventing Transgender Children and Young People (2019), were recently invited onto David Crowe’s podcast The Infectious Myth.

With David they discuss the rapid rise in gender dysphoria and transgenderism in the UK, including the dominant role that transgender organizations have played in education and treatment of the vulnerable youth who are – quite literally – not comfortable in their own skin, and in the censorship and de-platforming of critics. The discussion covers sex versus gender versus gender roles, and the emerging issue of detransitioners, the formerly transgender youth who are returning to their natal sex, often missing body parts such as breasts or testicles.

This is the second compilation by this pair on the same subject, the first Transgender Children: Born in Your Own Body was also published by Cambridge Scholars in 2018. The discussion ends by considering whether the wave of transgender ideology and affirmation has peaked, and those concerned with the physical and mental health of children, and the protection of women, are making progress in resisting an ideology that demands that people “perform gender” and eventually have surgery in a usually futile effort to resolve deep-seated traumas and other psychological issues.


You can follow this link to listen to their discussion. To learn more about the book, to read an extract, or to purchase your copy, please click here.

Critical praise for Inventing Transgender Children and Young People:

“This book is a thoughtful, measured and much-needed contribution to the debate about transgendering children. Many parents and clinicians are gravely concerned that too often children and young people are affirmed in their gender self-identification without rigorous, extended psycho-social examinations.  In the present cultural climate, it is difficult to examine the complex issue of children’s gender self-identification from different points of view since debate is continually shut down, characterized as ‘transphobic’ or ‘conversion therapy’. This book refuses to be brow-beaten and fearlessly examines the topic from many different angles, including the issue of hormone therapy and the quality of research evidence, and it does so with an absolute commitment to child welfare and safeguarding.”

(Marcus Evans, Psychoanalyst, and former Consultant Adult Psychotherapist in the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, UK)

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