Professor Stefaan Missinne speaks in Vienna

The Society of the Friends of the Austrian Academy of Sciences has recently announced that one of our authors, Professor Stefaan Missinne, is to present a lecture hosted on February 18th by the Medical University of Vienna Library covering his ground-breaking work on the discovery of the Leonardo da Vinci Globe.

As regular readers of our blog will know, Prof. Missinne’s study on the topic, The Da Vinci Globe, has made a substantial impact since its publication by Cambridge Scholars in August 2018. Prof. Missinne’s findings and revelations have been described as ‘remarkable’ and ‘absolutely overwhelming’, while the work as a whole has been praised as a ‘scholarly masterpiece’ and ‘the most important and prestigious discovery of the 21st century in the field of the history of cartography’.

The event promises to further expand upon Prof. Missinne’s pioneering work and, as such, is a wonderful opportunity for academics and students of cartographical history, in addition to those with a general interest in da Vinci’s life and work, to gain first-hand insights from one of the most prestigious and respected figures in the field.

Anyone interested in attending should contact the Society of the Friends of the Austrian Academy of Sciences via email for registration, since this is expected to be an extremely popular event with limited available seating. The event begins at 19:00 and the registration email to reserve your place is

To find out more about the presentation, you can follow this linkThe Da Vinci Globe is available to purchase on our website.

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